CEO’s Greetings Introduction History


Now ~ 1983 Brief History of KOVAC-MED Co., Ltd

  • 2023 Special needle process expansion at the 2nd Kovac-Med plant
  • 2022 Expansion of Tube line at the 2nd Kovac-Med Plant
  • 2020 Partnership with U.S. Medical Device Public Welfare Foundation
  • 2017 Production at Indonesia Plant
    Presidential Commendation Award for Achieving Million in Exports
  • 2016 Acquisition of Handle.sas plant in France
  • 2013 Entry pen needle into the U.S. market
  • 2012 Selection as the best shared growth customer from POSCO
  • 2011 Mass production of Laser Tube by the 2nd Kovac-Med Plant
    Production of Pen needles and Dental Needles
    Purchase of BD Korea in Gumi city
  • 2010 US sales office registration
  • 2009 Completion of the 2nd Kovac-Med Plant, Laser Tube Production Started
    ISO 13485 certified by TUV" Sud
    Conclusion of a partnership with POSCO to develop strip material for medical devices
  • 2008 Foundation of a joint venture company with a Multinational medical device company
  • 2005 Launch of Lancet Production with Multinational Medical Device Company
  • 2001 Moved to location in Ansan, ISO 9001 certified by TUV" Sud
  • 2000 Kovac Machinery started
  • 1999 Division of Korea Vaccine, Foundation of Kovac-Med Co., Ltd
  • 1983 Foundation of Chungwoo international